Three major changes in the motor mold industry in recent years

Motor mold industry is the mother of China's manufacturing industry and the cornerstone supporting the development of China's manufacturing industry. It plays an important role in the national economy. In recent years, great changes have taken place in the motor mold industry.

1. More and more foreign enterprises enter the Chinese motor mold market
In recent years, the motor mold industry in China has accelerated the pace of system reform and mechanism transformation, and the industrial structure is becoming more and more reasonable.Many foreign businessmen took a fancy to this "fertile soil" and entered the Chinese motor mold market one after another, such as Toyota of Japan and SEKELY of the United States.
2. Private mold enterprises occupy the leading position in the mold industry
In the past, has been the state take in mould industry, the leading position of die and mould industry in recent years, the market structure has changed, come back private industry, became the "owner" of the motor mould industry, the private enterprises are very good at learning, absorbing the essence of motor mould industry, and is good at using advanced informatization construction, pay attention to brand publicity, pay attention to the international market to develop enterprises, at the same time, in terms of money, private mould enterprise more flexible, at present many private companies have realized the specialized production.
3. Increased national policy support
For the motor mould products, the state will give the preferential policy of 50% VAT withdrawal first.Improve the motor mold industry practitioners enthusiasm for the development of the motor mold industry to create a good social environment and welfare protection.