Explain the new concept of stamping die manufacturing technology

Stamping die plays a very important role in the national economy and People's Daily production.Die production of semi-finished or finished parts, is one of the important ways of material forming, compared with cutting, with high material utilization rate, low energy consumption, good performance of finished products, high production efficiency and low cost.Mold manufacturing technology is a comprehensive industrial technology, it involves metallurgy, mechanical manufacturing, electronics, liquid (gas), polymer materials, metal materials and other fields, belongs to the technology-intensive industry.For a country, there is no advanced mold industry, there is no advanced product manufacturing.Especially since the reform and opening up, mold manufacturing technology has made rapid development, remarkable, mold manufacturing concept has a new breakthrough, indicating that people attach great importance to mold manufacturing technology.In this paper, we summarize and explain the new ideas of mould manufacturing technology for everyone to share.

Mould manufacturing technology new idea comes from the reform and opening-up, people's awareness of product quality, increase of economic benefits,'s ability to accept new technology and new process factors, such as improve people's understanding of the mold status, produced the new idea, these ideas are all around the economic construction as the center.
Die is the basic process equipment of industrial production, is the main tool for less cutting.The level of die technology has a direct impact on product quality, output, cost, the production of new products and the cycle of upgrading old products, as well as the speed of product structure adjustment and market competitiveness.In automobile, electromechanical, instrument and instrument, home appliance and communication products, 60-80% of the parts and components are dependent on mold forming (type).The high precision, high complexity, high consistency, high productivity and low consumption of the parts produced by the mould are incomparable with other processing and manufacturing methods.In Japan, the mould industry is regarded as "the driving force to enter the affluent society";In Germany, mold as "metal processing industry in the emperor";In Romania, molds are called "molds are gold";In Europe and the United States and other countries, the mold industry called "iron into gold magnetic tools";Since the reform and opening up, the coastal areas have put forward new views on the concept of mold understanding, in Shanghai, "mold is benefit amplifier";In zhejiang, guangdong and other places, "the mold is a money-printing machine," the image of the importance of the mold.The value of the final product produced by the mould is often dozens of times, hundreds of times more than the value of the mould itself.The level of die production technology has become an important symbol to measure the level of a country's product manufacturing, and to a large extent determines the quality of products, benefits and the ability to develop new products.Concept update is that the mold is not just a simple tooling.
Mold manufacturing belongs to the single production, a pair of mold has a number of parts, a part needs a number of processes to complete, the final assembly of the mold.In traditional mold manufacturing, all parts are assembled after processing by themselves, including forging parts and various processes. Many equipment and operators are added to ensure the processing of mold parts, which seems very reasonable, but actually wastes a lot of resources, and the mold schedule and requirements are not always well guaranteed.Now the mold manufacturing technology trend to optimize the division of labor, professional processing, the use of social resources, save the enterprise's resources and costs, mold production cycle is shortened, and can ensure the quality of mold;The traditional mould machining preferred common equipment, relative Labour costs will be lower, and this kind of pattern, will choose reasonable allocation processing equipment and machine tool group, and equipped with skilled workers, to the enterprise will be a big spending, so now want to use automated processing form as much as possible, in order to reduce production cost and improve production efficiency.The choice of better processing equipment processing parts, it seems that the cost is more expensive than ordinary processing equipment, but from the processing accuracy and processing cycle and ensure the requirements of the mold is worth it.Concept update is the use of resources, the use of advanced equipment processing mold.
The easiest way to identify whether the mold is qualified or not is to check the dimensions, appearance and functional requirements of the parts to determine whether the mold is qualified or not, and to verify the structural rationality and operational feasibility of the mold.Mold test is an essential work, according to the past practice, there is no clear regulation of the number of mold test, until the mold qualified, so the cost of mold test is too high, not conducive to the improvement of mold manufacturing level.At present, many enterprises stipulate that the new mold should be tested for 3 times, and the mold manufacturer should pay the test fee after 3 times, and write it into the mold opening contract.In general, the number of new mold test abroad is not more than 3 times, the purpose of which is to force product design, mold design to achieve optimal design, improve the quality of mold design;Enhance the responsibility of mold design, mold processing and mold test personnel, improve the quality of work, optimize injection process parameters;By reducing the number of mold test, to save labor, material, time, reduce the cost of mold test, shorten the product development cycle, improve the competitiveness of enterprises have a very good role in promoting.
Concept update is to reduce the cost of mold testing
In the design of the mold to consider some parts of the function can not be completed in the mold, in the past often use parts after processing method to make up, so that the requirements of the product can meet its requirements, but from the perspective of processing parts of the investment is also very large.The investment of tooling and equipment and manpower for post-processing of parts is also a large amount of expenditure. In addition, there will be a lot of waste of unqualified products and increased labor and inspection costs.If the number of pieces is large also a lot of waste.People now have seen the dangers of this kind of waste, as far as possible in the design of mould one-time completed, even if the rise in the cost of mould manufacturing is also necessary, more enterprises are willing to invest in the mold, unwilling to put people on product made clear a truth, is a one time, in the mold on the parts of input is N times, as in the parts production rose by more than on the mould investment promotion level into the cold punching die, transfer (more than ten step location, etc.) in a pair of mold production and operation, a machine tool, and save a lot of manpower, material resources, such as cost reduction and benefit increase considerable?Increased on the coastal and other places in progressive die mould tapping technology, the last time in the mold is completed, time spend about 10 times, than the parts after machining tapping efficiency is much higher, but in the progressive die increases the cost of tapping institutions, is a reasonable choice in terms of mould materials at the same time, some plastic mold by heat treatment after processing, the purpose is to prevent the long after the idea renewal is to reduce the waste appeared on the parts.
Since the beginning of the 21st century, C4D, CAM, CAE technology has been gradually popularized. Now the mold enterprises with certain production capacity basically use CAD, CAM, CAE technology.Using CAD, CAM, CAE technology in die design and manufacture is a remarkable characteristic of die technology development.Using CAD/ CAM, CAE technology, no matter in the improvement of productivity, improve the quality of parts, or reduce the cost of parts, reduce labor intensity, than the traditional mold design and manufacturing process has absolute advantage.
(1) improve the quality of parts in the past, when people design and calculate based on experience, it is impossible to carry out comprehensive analysis and comparison of multiple schemes and adopt CAD. Since the most prominent feature of computer is that it is not afraid of repeated calculation for thousands of times, and the efficiency is very high, so it can carry out multi-scheme demonstration and multi-parameter simulation.And because in the computer system, can store mold design standards and design criteria and other relevant design information, mold design provides scientific data, and can greatly reduce the impact of human factors on design quality?The optimum design method can also make the parameters and structure of the die more reasonable.Through the CAD design data directly generated CNC machining program and the use of CNC machine tool processing, the quality of the processed mold can be further improved.CAE can simulate and analyze the numerical control machining program and adopt the numerical control machine tool processing, and also can improve the quality of the processed molds.CAE can simulate and analyze product defects, etc. In a word, CAD, CAM, CAE technology can greatly improve the quality of parts.
(2) shorten mold design and manufacturing cycle and improve production efficiency?The use of CAD process analysis and drawing, greatly reduce the die design time, and the integration of CAD with CAM, CAE can significantly shorten the die design to manufacturing cycle?Due to the improvement of mold quality, the increase of reliability, the adjustment and repair time is significantly reduced, which in fact increases the productivity.Due to the technical advantages of CAD, CAM and CAE, it promotes the improvement of mold design and manufacturing level, the application of mold manufacturing standardization and the improvement of working efficiency, greatly reduces the mold manufacturing cost, thus significantly reducing the production cost.Is being accepted and applied by more and more mold manufacturing enterprises, making the mold design and manufacturing concept has undergone a significant change?
Concept update is the use of advanced software design mold
Hot runner in the mold application from the 1990s, began to gradually promote in China, in 2000 after the promotion of great progress?At present, hot runner is used in injection mold to expand to automobile, household appliances and other molds, hot runner technology from single cavity hot runner to IO cavity, from open hot runner to needle valve type hot runner.Adopt hot runner system without runner cold material, save raw material;Without considering the cooling time of runner, the forming cycle can be shortened.Uniform cycle time can stabilize the quality of plastic parts, melt for direct gate, can improve the surface gloss j size stability, flow balance can be adjusted by temperature controller, molding easy to be widely used.Needle valve type hot runner based on CAE technology, the mold flow analysis, can well solve the welding of plastic parts injection mark, less defects, such as injection can improve the quality and performance on the surface of the plastic, not only can realize more products of thin wall, lightweight, saving material and energy, reduce the production cost, shorten the product development cycle, enhance the market competitiveness of use "?As the hot runner technology is becoming more and more perfect, hot runner can be customized according to the position and direction of the mold, to ensure the use of the mold effect.Because of the high price of hot runner, it is a one-time investment of 8, but the cost of hot runner can be diluted by putting it into each plastic part (see figure 2).Concept renewal is a long-term way to reduce raw material waste?
The use of mold cavity pressure is in the mold cavity corresponding parts of the installation of pressure, temperature sensors, through some testing instruments, can accurately control the injection mold mold cavity pressure, temperature important tools, in order to achieve automatic monitoring of injection process quality and plastic parts zero defects.
Since the temperature sensor itself is not suitable for product quality monitoring, measuring the mold cavity pressure sensor has proved to be the only effective way to optimize the injection process.Is the injection control system for mold cavity pressure to ensure a high degree of consistency in the production process?
Reduce defect rate, mold cavity pressure monitoring will integrate quality assurance into the entire production process, eliminating the need for end product quality inspection, reducing the cost of quality assurance?Mass production of individual plastic parts detection is extended to the full monitoring of all plastic parts?For non-conforming parts beyond the specified tolerance range, the monitoring system will immediately respond at the end of the cycle to prevent continuous defective parts.And traditional quality assurance can only identify defective products after quality inspection at the end of the product?
Mold cavity pressure curve can be used to accurately identify the mold filling degree state regardless of the geometric shape of the mold cavity, a phase after injection mold cavity pressure will rise rapidly due to the melt is compressed, "inflection point" in the mold cavity pressure curve in the mold cavity is completely filled with moments, can be used to trigger switch of the injection molding machine, injection molding machine will automatically switch from injection phase to keep the pressure stage.The application of this technology greatly reduces the rate of defective products and material loss.The effects of process fluctuations are compensated for in cycles.Due to automatically identify switch point, no longer need to use part of the mold cavity filling trial set number, significantly simplifying the work setting, mold cavity pressure control and the quality of the product will be a developing trend, at present, the Swiss alpine music company sensor is widely used in the mold concept is updated with a mold cavity pressure control product quality.
Rapid prototyping technology (RPM), developed in the 1980s, is a new manufacturing technology integrating computer-aided design, precision machinery, numerical control, laser technology and material science.Because of its high flexibility and rapidity, it has been widely studied and applied.Based on rapid prototyping technology to support the rapid mould making as shorten product development time and mould manufacturing cycle of the advanced manufacturing technology has become an important research topic to the current one of the core technology and manufacturing with the gradually coming of the era of many varieties of small batch and enterprises require tooling to ensure that new products quickly occupy the market, the development of rapid economic mold is more and more arouse people's weight, with epoxy polyester or with reinforced materials such as metals, ceramics, glass manufacturing rapid soft mode, can be used in hundreds of pieces of injection molding and car cover sample test?Its main characteristics are simple manufacturing process, short production cycle, cheap price, but also behind the mold manufacturing to lay a certain foundation.However, due to the low thermal conductivity and mechanical properties of the material, this kind of mold is difficult to be used for high frequency batch injection molding and bulk forming of metal drawing parts.Due to the excellent comprehensive properties of metal materials, the low cost and rapid manufacturing of metal die has become the goal of RPIY technology.RPM technology in the world's advanced industrialized countries experienced model and parts after trial production, fast soft mould manufacturing phase, is quick die hard develop in the direction of the metal mould manufacturing (RMT) typical rapid prototyping process method is the physical model of parts through the three dimensional CAD modelling, 3 d digital into parts or set L + 3 d CAD model, and then the model data processing, with layered software on the layered slices, along a certain direction in plane layered discretization, with each layer sections outline?According to this, the rapid prototyping system is formed by selecting curing methods (stereoscopic lithography, powder sintering, thin-layer deposition, molten deposition and 3d printing).Rapid prototyping technology can also be used directly as a prototype.At present, there are many RPM methods, but the most commonly used are the rapid modeling system based on the principles of SL, LOM, SLS, FDM and TDP.In recent years, the Rapid prototyping (Rapid Plntntypine, RP) technology is applied to the efforts of the injection mould manufacturing has been uninterrupted j, especially in Europe and Japan, from the belongs to one of the RP technology choice of metal powder laser sintering (Scl tive Lascr Sintcnnr, SLS) technology or selective laser melting (Sclcrtive Labcr Mcltinr, SLM) technique is used for manufacturing metal parts directly, to try to make injection parts directly,Concept update is rapid prototyping mold to meet small batch trial production.
Since the reform and opening up, China's mold industry has achieved good development, mold design and mold manufacturing technology and foreign advanced mold level gap will be smaller and smaller, the key is that people on the mold manufacturing technology has a certain level of understanding, mold manufacturing concept has been updated?We believe that after the efforts of all parties, in the near future we will have a lower manufacturing cost, and the level of mold manufacturing can catch up with foreign mold, let us wait and see.