Classification and application analysis of China motor core mould industry

Classification and application analysis of China motor core mould industry
Motor core mould is used in the manufacturing of motor core and is the necessary production material for motor core stamping.According to the type of mold technology, motor core mold can be divided into motor core single process mold, motor core compound mold, motor core progressive mold, etc.Motor core progressive die can be divided into single-row motor core progressive die, double-row motor core progressive die, three-row motor core progressive die, multi-row motor core progressive die and so on according to the number of progressive die rows.

(1) extremely high production efficiency
Progressive die precision is with the aid of automatic feed institutions processing materials will be automatically sent to the control of mould, through precise control to progress, the location of coining individually, continuous cutting, bending, stretching, forming, welding, riveting process needed to get the stamping parts, such as progressive die can be through a pair of precision strike, have large quantities of one or more than one more complex stamping parts, automated one-off made continuous mass model, its operation pattern as shown:
The above operation mode of progressive die determines that the progressive die has extremely high production efficiency.Progressive die saves the operation time of conversion between different processes, and can realize automatic production with the cooperation of automatic feeding mechanism.
For example, high-speed presses with 300-500 times of stamping per minute and single-row motor core molds (stator rotor is a set of molds) can produce up to 600-1,000 motor core stamping pieces in one minute.If the mould adopts three-column design, the efficiency of producing motor core can be increased by more than three times per minute to reach the level of 1,800-3,000 pieces of motor core.
(2) it has the characteristics of natural resource conservation and environmental friendliness
Progressive die with its excellent characteristics, in improving production efficiency at the same time, but also indirectly for the downstream industry to save materials, artificial, equipment, energy and other resources, with natural resource saving, environmentally friendly characteristics.The resource saving of progressive die is mainly realized from the following aspects:
(1) progressive die using multi-station design, can be in a silicon steel belt reasonable layout stamping station and stamping order, to achieve the maximum material utilization rate;
(2) progressive die can be in the stamping process to achieve full automation blanking, reducing the use of labor in the process of operation, saving the labor employed by the enterprise;
(3) progressive die using multi-process multi-station integration, can achieve a punch equipment to complete the whole stamping process, eliminating the need to use several punch to complete several processes, saving the occupation of enterprise equipment resources;
(4) the seamless connection between the progressive die process, from the single process mold turnover and each stamping positioning process, to avoid the operation of equipment waiting process, improve the equipment utilization rate, reduce the energy waste of equipment idling, reduce the energy consumption of unit products.
The above characteristics for the enterprise has an obvious effect of resource saving, compared with the multi-station pressure machine using the ladder mold, progressive mold can save 30% of the cost.
(3) large three-row and multi-row progressive dies have more prominent energy-saving features
With the evolution of large-scale, multi-row and integrated functions, the production efficiency of the motor core mould has increased exponentially. The large-scale three-row and multi-row progressive mould has extremely high production efficiency, and the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving are more prominent.The station represents the integration ability of the working procedure. The more stations, the more integrated production procedure and the higher production efficiency.The number of columns determines the number of stampings that can be made at the same time under a stamping action. The more columns, the more iron core stampings can be made during a stamping action, and the higher the production efficiency.The more stations, columns, in the same size of the film, the larger the size of the progressive die.Therefore, large three - row, multi - row progressive die represents the motor core mold production efficiency of the highest level.
Due to the high production efficiency of large three-row and multi-row progressive molds, the effect of energy saving and material saving is more obvious.The material utilization rate of the double-row mold is generally 4%~5% higher than that of the single-row mold, and the material utilization rate of the three-row mold is 5.5%~7% higher than that of the single-row
  (4) it is especially suitable for large-scale and industrialized production
The high efficiency and energy saving advantage of progressive die determines that it is especially suitable for large-scale and industrialized production, and its high efficiency and energy saving advantage can be fully played in large-scale and industrialized production.
With the continuous improvement of the electrification degree of social production and life, the application field of electric machines is expanding, and the demand for various electric machines is also growing rapidly.According to statistics, the output of stepping motor in China increased from 1.61 million in 2007 to 431.19 million in 2013, with a compound growth rate of 153.89%.The output of servo motors increased from 2.12 million in 2007 to 16.75 million in 2013, with a compound growth rate of 41.13%.Accordingly, the requirements for the production efficiency of the motor core die are increasing day by day.On the other hand, with the increasingly fierce competition in the downstream motor industry, it has become a universal law for the development of the industry to reduce the consumption of energy and materials in the production process, improve the material utilization rate, and form scale effect to achieve the goal of reducing unit production cost.Therefore, for the motor field with large downstream demand and mass production, progressive die has become the mainstream stamping die;For the motor field with more mature downstream and increasing output requirements, progressive die gradually replaces single process die and compound die, and the demand keeps increasing.
(5) the production is difficult and the technology has high added value
Precision progressive die is high precision, high efficiency, long life mold, with complex structure, technical difficulty, high added value characteristics, is an important representative of technology-intensive mold.With the progressive die station, the number of columns, the size of the increasing, its technical difficulty has also increased sharply.From the perspective of production efficiency, when the size and step distance of the blanks are the same, the increase of the number of stations and columns leads to the increase of the size of the mold, the stability of the mold and the amplification effect of the manufacturing error of the parts are more obvious, and the difficulty of the design, processing and assembly is greatly improved.
The marketization degree of motor iron core mould is high and there are many producers, and the "honeycomb" pattern is formed.Due to the technical and market differences of downstream industries, motor iron core mold has the characteristics of demand segmentation. For example, the application of refrigerator and air conditioner motor in the field of home appliance mainly considers the use needs of high efficiency variable frequency compressor and constant frequency compressor.The application of automobile motor mainly considers electric vehicle drive, other parts of the motor miniaturization, control, etc.The application of information processing product motor and small home appliance motor mainly considers miniaturization and precision.Industrial control motor is more focused on its driving and control.Accordingly, as the motor products with different technical requirements, they have different requirements for the motor core mould.The above characteristics determine that there are certain barriers to entry between different motor core molds due to the differences in the downstream field, and the market presents a "honeycomb pattern" of fine differentiation.