Influence of motor core die on motor lamination

Mould is an important factor that directly affects the quality, production efficiency and manufacturing cost of motor blanking. With the widespread use of CNC equipment, the performance requirements of the mould are also correspondingly increased. In order to ensure the effect of the mould, attention should be paid to the design and manufacture of the mould:

The rational selection of blanking clearance and guarantee the normal work of the mould, a key factor of life extension, to 0.5 mm silicon steel sheet, 0.04 0.0.7 manual recommended clearance for mm, according to practicing at home and abroad data, appropriate amplification is concave and convex die clearance to 0.09 0.11 mm, can reduce the friction between plate, concave and convex die, at the same time improve the quality of plate section.

Stator and rotor plate of the punching die quality largely depends on the quality of heat treatment, try to small mould material heat treatment deformation and heat treatment after surface decarburization layer or is not permitted in carburized layer, to improve the mold working performance and service life, according to the working conditions of mould surface nitriding, chrome plated parts or laser surface hardening, shot peening treatment.
The working hours of motor film making are more than significant and manual operation. Therefore, the use of manufacturing molds to improve the automation of punching manufacturing is of great significance to reduce costs, improve quality, improve labor productivity and improve working conditions.