Structure and characteristics of virtual manufacturing system of motor core stamping die

Virtual Prototype, Virtual Prototype, the VP), also called Virtual Prototype, is a kind of brand-new the current era of the network based on integrated products and process development strategy mode of product development, it is in CAx (such as CAD, CAM, CAE) and DFIX (such as DFA, DFM, DFE) technology, based on the integration of information technology, advanced manufacturing technology and advanced simulation technology development, the technology applied in the whole life cycle of products and comprehensive management.In this paper, a web based virtual manufacturing architecture of motor mold is established, which can be represented by system structure logic diagram and system network distribution diagram.

Virtual manufacturing system of motor mold
Motor mould virtual manufacturing system is the structure of logic by the communication network platform and information resources platform as the two supporting part of the system, and they are connected to the Intranet and extranet, mould virtual manufacturing system for motor provides an integrated platform environment, network management systems and data maintenance management system is responsible for the application system and the underlying support platform between network communication and data management, in the application part, internal and external are connected through a firewall, details are as follows:
Computer network can provide high-speed, safe and reliable data communication services, realize computer network connection and data communication between different organizations, and provide data acquisition and information query access interface for enterprises and related enterprises.   
2 information resource system to provide the product design, processing, manufacturing and product life cycle stages required for a variety of metadata support, mainly refers to the various products and manufacturing resources information needed for the application subsystem, database technology is used to analyse the data of each application system unified management, can ensure that data is consistent, effective and safe.   
Network management system through all of the computer network
Software and hardware resources and user resources are managed and monitored to ensure that network resources are balanced and fully utilized, which is also an effective way and means to ensure that network security mechanism is implemented, network performance and normal operation of each application system.   
4. The public information service system faces the Internet and provides information services to relevant units and the public, including E-mail service, information release, information query and data sharing, etc.   
5. The data maintenance management module applies the seamless dynamic connection of database Web technology, and ODBC and other technologies to form a comprehensive information system based on Web site, providing all kinds of users with comprehensive information query, browsing and data access.   
6 the firewall controls the information transmission of the Intranet and the extranet, monitors each information channel working condition, and makes the log to each kind of access, it and controls each kind of user the user authentication system to constitute the enterprise information security system together.   
7. The auxiliary support system provides various simulation models and algorithms required by the application system, including virtual environment construction and definition method, virtual product development process model, virtual production control model and decision support model, etc.   
This part of the virtual motor mold design system includes the three-dimensional modeling of products and the design of motor molds. It adopts the virtual design method to support product innovation, and evaluates the manufacturability of motor molds by making use of manufacturing resource information and process knowledge base.   
9. Virtual motor mold processing includes computer-aided process preparation, auxiliary manufacturing, and processing process simulation, etc. According to the motor mold model completed by the design system, the design of technological procedures, the preparation of numerical control program, the use of machining process simulation to verify and modify the numerical control program, in order to achieve a successful actual processing.   
The production of virtual motor mold includes job planning, production scheduling, etc., making full use of various models and algorithms provided by the auxiliary support system to carry out simulation optimization of job planning and production scheduling, in order to make the optimal decision.
Characteristics of virtual manufacturing system of motor mold
According to the above, the virtual manufacturing system has the following characteristics:
Distributed engineering personnel located on different web sites connected by Intranet/Internet share the data, knowledge and resource information needed for motor mold design, manufacturing and management, and use distributed tools for motor mold development.   
2 parallelism under the support and control of distributed characteristics of virtual environment, manufacturing activities of motor molds are no longer a strictly serial sequential process, but a virtual parallel operation process due to the sharing of manufacturing resources and concurrent development process.   
3. The open system adopts the Intranet/Imemet structure, which is an open network structure, and can be very convenient to expand the system, realizing "plug and play".For the hardware system, as long as the network communication protocol can be easily added to the system, for the software system, because this system USES the browser/server structure, the bottom is the database support system, so can establish a standard data interface between the software.   
The application of human-machine harmony virtual reality technology greatly enhances the interaction between human and computer, enabling human to be immersed in the virtual environment of the manufacturing system, and emphasizing the role of human in the operation of the virtual manufacturing system.
The virtual manufacturing system structure of motor mold based on Web established in this paper is represented by structure logic diagram and network distribution diagram. The system structure has distribution, parallelism, openness and man-machine harmony.The architecture adopts the current popular browser/server/database three-layer structure, which can guide the establishment of a new product development environment, and provide strong support for the efficient and parallel manufacturing and development of motor mold.